We've Commited to Rebuilding with Victoria, and We're Now Open!

In May of 2017, a familiar face came back to the City of Victoria. After a 12 year absence, Lacks was once again the name for furniture in this great city and we were welcomed back with open arms. Three months later, Hurricane Harvey ripped through the community, causing devastation to families, their homes and their businesses.

 Lacks construction crew assessing the damage to the Victoria store shorty after Hurricane Harvey

Our store was not immune to the damage caused by this category 4 storm. The strong winds left a gaping hole in the roof which gave way to flooding rain. This left our store inundated, without power, and unable to provide shelter to those who needed it during the days and weeks that followed the storm. 75% of our showroom furniture was ruined and left unsalvageable. 

Inside our store, damaged furniture is cleared out to begin the rebuilding process

As with any natural disaster, the road to rebuild is tough but with help from our strong community, anything is possible. Neighbors quickly came to lend aid with food and supplies for those affected. Donations came pouring in and we happily delivered 25,000 pounds of food to the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent in Victoria on behalf of the RGV, Laredo, and Alice. 

Our Lacks family and the Food Bank exchanged signs to show its support for one another after unloading 25,000 pounds of food and supplies.

Now that the dust has settled, we've restored our store so that we can once again provide great service and furniture to the people of Victoria. Our teams have been hard at work cleaning, reconstructing, and replenishing our store to get it back to its pristine condition. 

Sneak peek inside the store during the rebuilding process.

We are here to make your house feel like home, again.

Join us! We're Now Open!



Top 5 Ways Lacks Can Help You Make Your House Your Home

1. We Have What You're Looking For
We have a large selection of quality furniture, mattresses and accessories in a variety of styles to fit your needs…and at great values for any budget!

2. We Love To Help
From our helpful sales team to our certified service technicians, Lacks works to exceed your expectations before, during and after the sale.

3. We Have Easy Financing
In-house financing makes it easy to buy with 92% credit approval. A Lacks Credit Manager is always available to answer any questions and to work with you to fill you individual credit needs.

4. We Have Gold-Star Delivery
Our goal is to deliver your furniture in the same beautiful condition as it left the manufacturer. Our Gold Star Delivery includes uncrating, inspecting, assembling, cleaning, polishing and set up in your home.

5. Best Price Guarantee
We stand by our commitment to offer the best prices on quality furniture. Lacks Best Price guarantee means that you can’t buy the same furniture for less. 


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