Terms & Conditions

Important Notices


By: (i) submitting an application online; or (ii) registering for online or mobile services, you hereby agree to the following and this will constitute your consent for us to send you electronic communications about your account.  When you successfully consent through the online or mobile site, you have successfully demonstrated that you are able to access information we have posted on such online or mobile site. 

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to apply for credit with Lacks Valley Stores, Ltd. (“Lacks”). Federal law requires us to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account, in order to help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities.  To process a credit application, we must have personal information about you including your name, street address, date of birth and other identifying information, and we ask for identifying documents from you as well.  This web credit application is used to apply to purchase at Lacks.  By completing and submitting the above information, you authorize Lacks to verify and gather personal information about you and to investigate your credit, bank, employment and income records.  Lacks will verify your credit references for purposes of considering your application for credit.  In addition, your references will be verified in connection with any credit account updates, exchanges or future extensions of credit including reviewing or collecting your credit account.  If you inquire with us, we will inform you whether or not we requested a credit bureau report and the names and addresses of any credit bureaus that provided us with such reports. 

A Lacks representative will contact you if more information is needed to process your application or if your application gets approved.  If you do not get approved for Lacks’ internal credit program, by clicking submit below you authorize Lacks to share your information with a third party for the purpose of approval review under a rent-to-own or a lease plan.  If credit is approved, you will be directed to one of our locations to complete a Retail Installment Contract or rent-to-own/lease plan offered by a third party, depending on the type of account approved.  You will need to provide a current photo identification in order to proceed in completing your contract.  You will be given a copy of any contract/agreement you enter into with Lacks which will include all applicable terms and conditions.  A down payment may be required.

Address/Phone Change.  If you have entered a phone number or another number that you later convert to a cell phone number, you agree that we may contact you at this number.  You also agree to receive calls and messages that may be pre-recorded or live, and/or text messages.  You also agree that we send notification of your application status to the email address you provide.  You represent that any phone number that you provide to us belongs to you and/or that you are authorized to provide that number.  You also agree to tell us right away if you change your address or any phone number.

Definitions.  Definitions used in this consent:

• “You” and “your” mean the primary applicant or accountholder;

• “We”, “us” and “our” mean Lacks Valley Stores, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership;

• “Account” means your Synchrony Bank credit card account; and

• “Billing Statement” means the billing statement for your account.

Categories of Communications.  You consent to receive communications relating to your account in electronic form.  The communications covered by your consent may include, but are not limited to: (i) the initial disclosure statement or agreement governing your account; (ii) any disclosure required by federal, state or local law, including disclosures under the federal Truth in Lending Act, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and the financial privacy provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act; (iii) your billing statement, if you have signed up to receive electronic statements; (iv) letters, notices or alerts regarding your account and any changes to your account; (v) other disclosures, notices or communications in connection with the application for, the opening of, maintenance of or collection of your account; and (vi) the debt cancellation agreement and other information relating to optional debt cancellation products you may select to purchase.  These electronic communications may include your name and some information about your account, including your balance or the due date; however, we will not include your full account number or social security number.  Electronic communications may be reviewed by any party with access to your account, the e-mail account you have provided to us for delivering these communications, or the hardware or software you use to view your account information or your e-mail account.

How to Withdraw Your Consent.  You may not apply online for an account and you may not register your account for online services (including electronic statements or mobile alerts), unless you also provide your consent to receive electronic communications.  If you have registered for online services (such as electronic statements or mobile alerts) and you wish to withdraw your consent to receive future electronic communications, you must de-enroll from each service you have elected to receive to completely withdraw your consent to receive electronic communications.  Additionally, you may call customer service at the number on your billing statement to withdraw your consent. 

We will not impose any fee to process the withdrawal of your consent to electronic communications.  However, you will not be able to receive your billing statements electronically if you do not consent to receive electronic communications or withdraw your consent.  Any withdrawal of your consent to electronic communications will be effective only after we have a reasonable period of time to process your withdrawal request.

Paper Copies of Communications.  Upon your request we will provide you with a paper copy of a communication that we provide you electronically.  If you would like a paper copy of any material (other than your debt cancellation agreement), please write to us at: Lack’s Valley Stores, Ltd., 1300 San Patricia Dr., Pharr, Texas 78577 or call us at the phone number listed on the back of your billing statement.  If you would like a copy of your debt cancellation agreement, please write to us at: Lack’s Valley Stores, Ltd., 1300 San Patricia Dr., Pharr, Texas 78577.  There will be no charge for a paper copy of any material we have sent you electronically.

Communications in Writing.  All communications in either electronic or paper format from us to you will be considered “in writing.”  You should print or download a copy of this consent, the Account agreement, the debt cancellation agreement (if elected) and any other electronic communication that is important to you for your records. 

Electronic Signatures.  You acknowledge that by clicking on the “Submit” or similar button, you are indicating your intent to sign up for electronic communications and that this shall constitute your signature.

Federal Law.  You acknowledge and agree that your consent is being provided in connection with a transaction affecting interstate commerce that is subject to the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, and that you and we both intend that the Act apply to the fullest extent possible to validate our ability to conduct business and communicate with you by electronic means.

Using and Sharing Your Information.  When you applied for an account, you gave us, dealers/merchants/retailers and program sponsors information about yourself that we could share with each other.  Dealers/merchants/retailers and program sponsors (and their respective affiliates) will use the information in connection with the credit program and for things like creating and updating their records and offering you special benefits.  More information about how we use and share information is set forth in the privacy policy for your account. 

Consent to Communications.  You consent to us, as well as any other owner or servicer of your account, contacting you through any channel of communication and for any purpose, as permitted by applicable law.  For informational, servicing or collection related communications, you agree that we may use the phone numbers that you provide to us to contact your cellular phone or wireless device with text messages, artificial or prerecorded voice calls, and calls made by an automatic telephone dialing system.  This consent applies even if you are charged for the call under your plan.  You are responsible for any charges that may be billed to you by your communications carrier when we contact you. 

Telephone Monitoring.  For quality control, you allow us to listen to or record telephone calls between you and us.

All offers are subject to credit approval.  Lacks’ reserves the right to discontinue or alter the terms of this offer or any offer at any time.