8 Pro Tips & Tricks To Cozy Up a Tall Space

Tall Space

We may be overstating the obvious, but tall ceilings are universally sought after. They make a room appear bigger and represent endless decorating potential. While the concept of high walls or a vaulted ceiling is understandably appealing when house hunting, it creates unique challenges when it comes time to make that house your home. How exactly does one make a room like that feel lived-in and inviting? 

Here are 8 pro tips and tricks to make the most of your extensive wall space:

1. Oversized Paintings

Use large paintings that are taller than they are wide to use up some of that abundant height.  You can also cluster medium paintings or photos in a vertical pattern to take advantage of the space. 
Platinum Red Chair, Mesa Rustica Table

2. Vertical Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors draw the eye upward, emphasizing the enviable tall ceilings while adding a chic style element. Aim for mirrors that are well over 7’ tall. Erica Red Accent Chair, Jet Set End Table 

3. Tall Furniture

Of course tall ceilings mean you have plenty of space for tall furniture. Take advantage of that height by selecting pieces that have a towering presence; think chairs with high backs or beds with canopies or oversize headboards. 5th Avenue Accent ChairBellaire NightstandCriteria Queen Bed

4. Floor to Ceiling Window Treatments

Hang curtain panels higher than the window frame—the higher the better. This brings a dramatic element into the space and draws the eye up to emphasize the height. Kori Teal Accent ChairPaula Deen Guys Crib, Santa Fe Bookcase

5. Alternate Height of Furniture

We generally don’t recommend furnishing a room with tall ceilings exclusively with short, low profile furniture. This can lead your beautiful open space to feel empty and your furniture will look squatty. Soho SofaJet Set Coffee TableSanta Barbara Console Table, Kori Beige Accent Chair

6. Oversize Light Fixtures

Large light fixtures are a great tool to use when furnishing or decorating a room with tall ceilings. Not only do you have the space for a show-stopping chandelier, but hanging it away from the ceiling fills the room a bit, which helps it feel less desolate. Hartford Round Table, Tocara Side ChairMont Blanc China Cabinet

7. Hang Art High on the Wall

Our natural instinct is to decorate to eye-level, but this can leave the walls feeling barren. Don’t be afraid to hang artwork higher than you normally would. Tenerife Leather ChairTenerife Leather SofaRoxbury End Table, Roxbury Coffee Table

8. Paint the Ceiling a Darker Color Than the Wall

Most ceilings are painted lighter than the walls—this technique is intended to add height to a room--but you don’t have that problem, do you? Instead, consider painting your ceiling a darker color than your walls to help improve the balance of proportions and ad a designer’s touch. Dallas Cowboys Video ChairUniversity Staircase Bunk Bed


The key to achieving a designer look that emphasizes the height of your room is to stop decorating it like it is a standard room. Think outside the 8-foot box and show off your tall ceilings with the right accessories and furniture.