Why a Good Night's Sleep Is Important

By Eduardo


It is always surprising to see just how much people underestimate sleep. According to studies, the average adult is supposed to sleep anywhere from 7 to 8 hours a night to function properly, however recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that in fact more than one-third of adults do not get the required amount of sleep. One can assume that the various advances in technology leave people with the inability to unplug for bed, being able to be connected to all forms of media through things like smartphones and tablets. We literally have a digital world at our fingertips, and sometimes that is hard to let go of, of course, other various factors could stop people from getting a good night's rest, such as thoughts, strong emotions, and anxiety. So the question is, just how important is sleep really? Well getting the right amount of sleep could help improve your concentration and productivity. A lack of rest could also affect your emotions and ability to socially interact, and finally, it could affect your immune system.

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep (Less than 7 hours a day) can lead to a lack of focus and motivation to be productive throughout the day, this feeling could be intensified through prolonged exposure of inadequate sleep. According to a Philips annual global sleep survey “, 61% of adults around the world believe that their memory is worse when they have not slept well, while 75% admit they are less productive after a poor night’s sleep”, within the same article it is stated that a good night's rest is necessary for the optimization of memory consolidation and improved performance. The point being that in order to function correctly throughout the day, one needs to get to bed at a reasonable time, in fact, perhaps certain sacrifices or even better time management must be enacted to ensure optimal sleep. Although Lacks can't make sure you get to bed on time, we can provide you with a comfortable mattress to ensure you feel comfortable enough in your bed to drift away into a deep slumber. 

 A great asset to aid you in your sleep is the Restonic Hybrid Platinum Pearl Box Top Plush King Mattress, its features include a designer cover with Marvelous Middle technology to remove heat and moisture, soft quilting, and gel memory foam with two layers of durable and rigid support help extend the life of the mattress. The supportive foam layer and zoned pocket coils help reduce partner disturbance throughout the night, truly this cloud-like mattress will give you the comfort you need for a good night's rest. 

I'm sure we have all heard the expressions of being grouchy in the mornings, and this is no joke. A lack of sleep could impact our personalities in a negative way, as mentioned before a lack of sleep could lead to a person not functioning correctly and with a lack of motivation, which in return will affect how we interact socially. According to UC Berkeley researchers “sleep-deprived people feel lonelier and less inclined to engage with others, avoiding close contact in much the same way as people with social anxiety.”, basically people who are sleep-deprived are too tired to interact with other people. So ensure that you are in bed at least eight hours before you have to wake up, after all, how can you get more than seven hours of sleep if you have to wake up in six hours. Have guests over in your room and it's occupied? Well even if you do not have your own bed at the moment, there are ways to comfortably fall asleep without the aid of a mattress, such as a comfortable recliner. 


The Beast Storm Big Man's Lift Chair Recliner will allow you to recline back and forget all your worries. Can't get comfortable in your bed? Well, no problem. Just take a seat, kick back and allow the soft cushion to take you into your dreams. With a good night's rest, whether it's in your own bed or your comfortable recliner, you will wake up revitalized and energized to take on the day, and most importantly will be able to socialize to the utmost of your ability. 

Lastly, if you've been feeling sick, or perhaps even injured then surprise, surprise, a good night's rest could also help you recover faster from whatever you are experiencing. In an article from the Sleep Foundation, it states that during your eight hours of sleep certain components of the immune system rev up, to help fight infection, fortifying immunity, as well as aid in wound recovery. So if you are not feeling too well, then do your best to go to bed on time, make sure you get the necessary seven to eight hours of sleep to help your body heal, recover, and prosper. If you already have a soft bed and comfortable recliner, then consider a nice futon for yourself or even guests, so they may get the chance at a good night's rest. 


For our recommendation, we have the Donovan Black Convertible Sofa, a sleek modern styled futon that would fit in perfectly in any modern household. With electrical outlets and USB ports to keep your electronics running, you can lay back in this easily adjustable makeshift bed and truly get your eight hours. 

Truly the benefits of a good night's rest are undeniable, so why do we deny these irrefutable facts? Never before have theories been so easily provable, all it takes is the willpower to turn off your phone, be in a comfortable position at a reasonable time and get your seven to eight hours of sleep to prove just how much better you will feel throughout your daily life. So stop by Lacks and ensure you have the perfect place to get the sleep you need to not only be productive throughout the day but to literally make you the best version of yourself you could possibly be.