Decorating your Home for Halloween

By Eduardo


Halloween is right around the corner! The time for darkness, shadows, ghouls, and goblins is near, are you in the Halloween spirit? Every year people go out and put up lights and inflatable balloons, amongst other decorations outside their homes for Christmas, and this holiday spirit doesn't end there. People also decorate the insides of their homes to reflect the beautiful decorations outside, such as adding splashes of red to the interior, hanging up stockings and other ornaments, and who could forget the iconic pine tree that we place our gifts under every year. Well with this in mind, how often do we decorate for Halloween every year? At most put out a single pumpkin outside with a scary face to send chills down our neighbor's spines. Well, Perhaps now is the time! Decorating for holidays is fun, and we shouldn't just stop at Christmas, especially with a holiday like Halloween that allows us to be more creative and wild with our decorations, well in this blog, lacks is going to give you a few tips on readying your home for the Halloween bash. For starters, we need to consider what we’ll be doing to decorate outside, secondly, we must consider the ambiance we want inside and finally the creepy and cool decorations we could place inside to go perfectly with our ambiance. 

Your front yard is a pivotal area to decorate as it is the first thing anyone will see when passing by your home, and due to this fact, we should take steps to make it stand out. One of the most traditional decorations that are perfect for the season of scare is the Jack o Lantern Pumpkin, which has been a staple of Halloween since the 19th century. Pumpkin carving will not only help you gain a couple of cool decorations, but it is an activity that could be done with the whole family as you get together and choose your favorite pumpkin and carve out a scary face, this quality time you spend together will surely be memorable as well. Once you’ve got your pumpkins carved, place a candle inside and leave them out to protect your home, now any other decorations you choose are completely up to you, do you like spooky skeletons, then why not place one outside underneath a tree alongside some fake spider webs. And for those that like to go all out for Halloween, there are of course those animatronic scare statues they have at specific stores. If you are giving out candy this year or just need a seat outdoors that will fit the dark tones of the holiday, Lacks has the Hikre Patio Lounge Chair and Side Table. 


 An outdoor oval seat with a metal frame covering it like a shell, the seat is a perfect fit for Halloween with its metallic dark color, whilst being extremely comfortable with its padded seat. The chair also comes with a side table so you can leave it within arms distance, and place your drinks or bowl of candy atop it. 

Moving in from the outside towards the inside of your home, the first thing people are going to notice is the atmosphere you have created for your home. Perhaps the scent of autumn leaves or that signature pumpkin spice smell could greet your guests as they open the door to your home. And this is just for starters, why not have some frightful and ambient lighting to accompany that beautiful fall scent in your home. Scented candles are one way to get both the scent and lighting for a perfect October theme, however, this is one of those moments where a fireplace would really step up the look of your living room. This is where Lacks could help with our variety of fireplaces for your home, such as the Lexington Cherry Fireplace

a beautiful piece covered in smooth clean wooden veneers detailed with intricate line patterns representative of a traditional style. On these cool October nights at a time perfect for being indoors and enjoying a warm drink, alongside a horror movie marathon, that fireplace would look and feel perfect and Its heating qualities would be sure to make your home the coziest it can be.  

Finally, once the outside is decorated and the ambiance is set, now it is time to match your interior. For one in accordance with the holiday, now is the time to style your home in black as you pull out your dark-colored drapes, and table cloths. Purples and Reds are also synonymous with the holiday, and so perhaps one of our Lacks carpets would be the perfect accessory for your home during this time of the year. For example, we have the Twilight 5x8 Area Rug, which aside from being a beautiful and soft carpet is detailed with an intense red bleeding effect which would be perfect for Frightober.


Don't stop at just Carpets however, why not place some spooky stickers over your windows or even a scarecrow near the door to greet your guests. One-stop to your local dollar store and you will be sure to find a handful of great Halloween decorations, such as more spider webs or balloons, this is the point where you get creative with what you want the inside of your home to look like, perhaps you can even hang fake spiders from your ceilings to give your guests goosebumps as they traverse your home.

Finding the spookiest decorations and bringing a sense of horror to the inside of your home is one of the many fun aspects of Halloween.  These holidays come once a year and putting in the effort to allow your creativity to make something special is a part of what makes these holidays unique and memorable, so why not decorate your home this year? Remember it is your home, so you are allowed to be as tame as you want, if you simply just like the fall aspect of the holiday, then fill your home with yellows and orange colors representative of the falling leaves, moreover, if you like the frightful aspect of the holiday, then you are welcome to go all out and make your home a little house of terrors for all your friends and neighbors to see.