The Rainbow of 2023: Pigments Predicted to Pop This Year

Each year the biggest names in creativity announce the themes and trends they predict will take off in the months to come. Fashion makes its declarations for the year's fads—a resurgence of 90’s grunge and ballerina-sweet style, it’s hinted! Interior design has its big forecasts for home makeovers—curvy cabriole furniture and cool artisan craftsmanship around the corner! And then there’s the annual announcements of our favorite paint makers about which colors are bound to see a surge in our interiors. Some have a single favorite, some have double, but everyone has an idea of what colors will most likely find themselves on folks’ walls and furniture.

Let’s take a look through 2023’s predicted palette and see if any pigment seems perfect for your next project!

Viva Magenta by Pantone

Starting off vividly vivacious, we have Viva Magenta by Pantone! Neither the sear of a full fire engine red, nor the dainty pink of bubblegum blush, Viva Magenta is one of the punchiest paint colors in this year’s lineup. While saturating a full room in this tone is a definite decorator power move, this color's boldness is set off better with a bit of contrast. Lighter backdrop paint and décor will let this untamed tint stand out without overpowering the eye.

Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards

Next on the color queue we take a softer turn with the dusty blush of Terra Rosa by Dunn-Edwards. Subtle and sophisticated, this mesh of rose, clay, and a ghost of cinnamon offers a dreamy balance of warmth and subdued elegance. It’s the ideal tone for those seeking a more mature tint amid more sugary palettes, as well as rustic greenery. Potpourri for the eye, this color pairs with aesthetics leaning toward the vintage, the elegant, and plush lived-in comfort.

Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore

Here comes another pop of vibrance with Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore. Mixing hints of coral and claret, this versatile shade offers a ruddiness that can be relished in a full wall-to-wall paint job or bright blossoming accent notes. It brings a feeling of hearty health and welcome to mind, pairing beautifully with dashes of cream and marble for a motif that skews towards a vacation space that basks in constant exuberance.

Alizarin by Graham & Brown

Blended to radiate as much welcome as mystery, Alizarin by Graham & Brown is a stately cousin to simple auburn. This is the color of fall, of cooling embers in a bonfire, of rich earth and snug comfort. It’s perfect for painting in a special nook all one’s own—the vanity station, the writer’s corner, the niche where books and crafts sit waiting by the armchair. Any little alcove turns into a private world of one’s own in this color, just as a wider space’s paint job will radiate a classy coziness regardless of its dimensions.

Canyon Ridge by Better Homes & Gardens

Sitting pretty in peach, Canyon Ridge by Better Homes & Gardens is a true winner in this lineup. A little apricot, a dash of cantaloupe, and plenty of charm that speaks to a sunny sweet appeal, this is tint that’s all about adding a refreshing look to the home. Whether you pair it with fellow light tones or splashes of full contrast in powder blue or cobalt, it’s a color that’s guaranteed to open up any space. Consider accent pieces in driftwood, beech or wicker for summer home style!

Tiramisu by C2 Paint

Serene without being a snore, Tiramisu by C2 Paint is the sort of natural neutral that aches to be a background to a deep green scene. Soft enough in its plush brown to fill a room without turning a space dull, it’s made to accentuate décor and design with a flair for the worldly. Arrange your houseplants against it, compose a boho lounge in its walls, heap the couch with handwoven pillows and quilts, and settle into a relaxed oasis all your own.

Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams

A close neighbor to the above, but with a more pastel twist, Redend Point by Sherwin-Williams is a sandier shade with a hint of pink beneath. This is color made for the relief of a spa day and the easy accompaniment of tones in rose and rust, beige and blush. If you’re looking for a background color that will see you through the bright auburns and burnt umbers of your decorative moods, this is an ideal option.

Spanish Moss by Krylon

Taking a turn for the greener, we see the lustrous offering of Spanish Moss by Krylon. Don’t be fooled by the lack of a paint pail; this spray-on pigment is a powerhouse when it comes to customizing pieces for your verdant vista. Chairs, tables, lattices, frames, shelves, carts, nightstands, dressers, chests, indoors, outdoors—this forest-dense shade provides a handsome anchoring color around which styles from the wild to the whimsical can revolve.

Vining Ivy by Glidden

Exploring deeper tints of terra firma and foliage, let’s indulge in the lush teal tone of Vining Ivy by Glidden. Despite the floral name, there’s no avoiding the somewhat watery undertone of the green—a mix of sapphire and emerald that echoes the shine of a quiet lake or the jeweled depths of the sea. A tone that carries itself well without being overly intense, this one can fill out whole walls or join companion colors in layering a space for woodsy or oceanic texture. For a little shine, pops of tarnished gold in your décor will make a picture-perfect complement.

Everglade Deck by Valspar

Aiming for an even denser take on teal, Everglade Deck by Valspar slides the gradient a little deeper into blue-gray shadows. Another marvelous Mother Nature-inspired hue, this color is comfortable in the expected seaside or forested aesthetics, but has potential to be even more fitting for a regal mood. It calls out for bright gold finishes, clean marble, and textures of thick pile and velvet on the furniture. 

Gentle Violet by Valspar

Another favorite from Valspar, Gentle Violet is a ghost of a color; but one that’s eminently ethereal. Here is that immaculate misty milieu that completes your dreamy theme of gauze drapes, precious statuettes, and vases frothing with lilac and lavender bouquets. At once airy and majestic, this feather-light color will see you through anything from your tranquil stints to your most decadent interior dress-up.

Rustic Greige by Dutch Boy

Hit the brakes before you roll your eyes at this understated tone—Rustic Greige by Dutch Boy is here to change your mind about the subdued side of neutrals. Like the paint world’s proverbial little black dress, our era of appreciating woodsy, artisan and cabin-cool tastes, a background that can carry a variety of those natural niches is bound to go with everything. This is the companion color that goes with a ranch, a cottage, a lodge, an interior idyll of houseplants, and a dozen other looks that celebrate countryside grandeur.

Blank Canvas by Behr

‘What?’ you might gasp. ‘How’s white on the list?’ It’s not! This is Blank Canvas by Behr and this warm eggshell shade is already quite a favorite. Far from a starchily sterile bleach-bright white, this paint is true to its name, being the kind of cloud-light canvas that opens up rooms and lets monochrome palettes pop. A bit on the minimalist side? Perhaps. But it presents the kind of clean atmosphere that goes with any and every motif it meets.


Here’s to another new year of coloring our worlds in the way we want them. Happy painting!