The Best of Bed Styles

By Calypso


While we commend all those who look to January as the time to leap to their feet and start sprinting into new action with the arrival of 2022, a lot of us, frankly, are still worn out from December. For us, January has been as much a time of rest as preparation for new resolutions—we don’t want to crash and burn from exhaustion. We started by going over the importance of sleep and how to get more of it. We’ve taken a look at the reasons and options behind mattress replacement. Now, finally, we get to fun part: style.

In fairness, not everybody needs one specific look for their bedframe to enjoy sinking under the covers. Others are focused entirely on amenity: Is the headboard upholstered so they can lay their back against it for late night reading? Is there storage underneath to hide away blankets and bedside amenities? Does it have a USB port? Built-in lights?

All these traits are the bells and whistles that can come with any aesthetic option, from the sleekly modern to the ruggedly rustic. The point of selecting a bedframe style that clicks with your preference is to add that finishing touch of ambience. It makes the difference between a groggy flop onto the mattress and snuggling into a nighttime oasis tailored just for you. So, what style works best for your bedtime?

Countryside Coziness

Whether you live surrounded by the sprawling green of fields and foliage, or deep in the thrumming hum of a metropolis, the appeal of a quiet cottage all to oneself is always an inviting daydream. In a piece like the Magnolia Manor Queen Bed, we see the very best of vintage country woodwork. A bed like this radiates welcome and the uncomplicated rest of a life nestled in some faraway idyll.

Regally Resplendent


Sprawling palaces, the grandeur of antiquity, and all the flair and flourishes of bygone craftsmanship of the Old World; who wouldn’t want a dose of that artistic indulgence for their own home? With a selection like the Cortina Queen Bed, it’s definitely possible. Taking a daring leap into the past’s love of elaborate ornamentation is a quick route to summoning the classical splendor you deserve to doze in. 

Contemporary Cool


As classy as it is casual, a choice like the Delaney Queen Storage Bed offers a cunning chameleon of style. Embracing present-day designs’ penchant for transitional looks means it will never look or feel out of place. Dress it up in silk sheets or smother it in comfy quilts, and it’ll still be a picture-perfect oasis to settle into after a long day.

Glamour Galore


Bring on the glitz, the glam, the lustrously luxe! The rest of the world and the humdrum days within it may content themselves with beige and shrug-worthy style, but not you. Even when it comes to calling it a night, you only accept the best of the best. A bedframe fashioned like the decadent Allura White Queen Bed is just the sort of gem the crown of your bedroom deserves.



Regardless of where your personal taste takes you, a bed should always be the restful space you settle into, not just the space you settle for. Here’s to starting off 2022 well-rested!