Hibernation Station: Turning the Living Room into a Cozy Oasis

By Calypso


The first official day of fall was September 22 and October is just a week away. Trees are tinting, pumpkin spice is plentiful, and Halloween decorations are skulking their way into view. If you haven’t settled into the season yet, now’s the time! Specifically, it’s time to take a note from nature and put together the perfect spot to cozy yourself into as the far end of the year brings its drowsy energy to the shortening days.

Like all the wild critters who commit to stocking up food and preparing the home for a long and comfy season to come, people aren’t much different. Even as work and school and the day-to-day grind seems to either stay steady or even speed up, we’re wired to slow down as the year turns toward autumn and winter. We start hitting the brakes on our hectic mentality of being busy-busy-busy—with the usual exceptions for pre-holiday panic planning, naturally—and start itching to ‘batten down’ and prepare a comfortable setup in which we’ll weather the months to come.

Plus, there are too many football games en route and too many sick days around the corner to settle for a lackluster living room haven. Let’s see what we can add to our personal hibernation station to make it the perfect place to nestle in and enjoy the drowsy months ahead.

Restful Texture

Texture here means more than the things you can touch. It’s ambience mixed in with tactile comfort. In the case of composing a spot you mean to settle in on and off throughout the season, keep equal parts plush and adjustability in mind. Plan your furnishings in terms of big foundations layered in finishing touches. An extra autumnal touch comes from working with rusty-russet colors. Things like the Cheyenne Whiskey 2-Pc Power Reclining Living Room Set



…and the Pueblo Recliner



…are ideal for rounding out the sort of living space you can cozily crash in. With them in place, you can start to layer in warm notes. Something soft like the Luxury Ruched Brown Fur Throw for wrapping up in…



…and for the floor, something like the Evandale Brushstroke Area Rug



…the better to throw in some vibrance and brace ahead of time for some additional warmth retention once the truly brisk days roll in for winter. That’s the bare basics of a restful zone covered. However, we’re not able to just snooze our way through the days, much as we may pretend to want to. Rest? Yes. Do absolutely nothing? Never. Even when we aren’t on the treadmill of a workday, our brains still itch for stimuli. Which brings us to the next point.


Fall football season has touched down! So has the resurgence of the common cold and the need to just lay down for a good long while! Likewise the urge to just fold yourself into a blanket burrito and indulge in a good movie or a better book or a dozen other idle distractions that don’t require leaving the comfort of the couch! So, let’s make sure we’re set up to cover everything.

Does your TV situation need an update so you can watch every game with theater quality? If not, something like the Joseph 2-Pc TV Console and Firebox can upgrade your experience before and after your show.



How’s your coffee table looking these days? Your TV trays? If one or both are in rough shape, or else nonexistent, this is the time to get yourself guest and rest ready with a tasteful arrangement of tables, like the Sedona Occasional Table Set



… so books, games, devices, and whatever in-lap crafts or games you’re messing with are always in reach. Along with one of the most important parts of a living room luxury spot.


Be it a favorite comfort snack or a whole sofa-side meal, there’s no relaxing fully without having something to sip or nibble on hand. Sure, the classics are always there for mid-game munchies—your tailgate snacks and barbecue plates of choice, naturally—but as we finally begin to creep into cooler temperatures, we can also start sneaking in a few fall favorites. A hot chocolate mug, a cinnamon-sweet apple treat, assorted pumpkin spiced delights, or just a homey heavy stew to nudge you over the edge into a cozy doze are all welcome additions to the experience. Could anything make this better?

Audio, Aroma, and Illumination

Here it is, the sensory garnish to perfect the time and place dedicated to going full bear and hunkering down in peace. While some things are no-brainers—your best chill playlist or a record spinning on the Victrola, plug-ins, incense, or the crafty creation that is an orange stuck through with cloves for optimal autumnal perfume—one thing that often gets looked over is the nature of the lighting. Warm light, a yellowish, sometimes diffuse illumination, is most conducive to a relaxing environment. Draw the shades, switch off the overhead light, and turn to a more accent-sized light. Whether it’s something with a tawny shade and a warm bulb like the Horse Creek Table Lamp



…or a couple burning wicks in something like the Eudocia 2-Set Candle Holders to add another sweet scent to the air…



…these are the things that color in the air and complete the atmosphere you’re looking for.


May your couch be cuddly, your blankets bountiful, and your days full of all the comfort you deserve as the season rolls in. Happy Fall!