Here Comes the Sun! Tips for a Summer Home Makeover

By Calypso


Summer is finally here! Even better, we can actually go out and enjoy it!

Yes, after over a year with COVID-19 keeping us on a short leash, everyone is itching to rush out and enjoy the sunshine, to say nothing of the old summertime staples we once took for granted. The beach, the movies, the water slides, the fireworks, the bustling barbecues, the pool parties, the concerts, the road trips, the ice cream shared with friends on the sidewalk! Even the tourist traps feel like a treat this year—those siren songs of resorts and theme parks that are proof of going on an actual vacation.

By now, none of us would dare deny the magic of enjoying a season and its annual signposts. We’ve spent too long staring at the same walls for too long to let an ounce of summer slip by unappreciated. For some, this can mean more than a mere vacation; they’ve got the summer home to look forward to. That cozy getaway house with its view of the water, the short trip to the events and attractions that come alive as June thaws out, and a general ambience of permanent summer as they while three whole sunny months away in leisure-land. All they have to do is dust the place off and move in.

Sadly, this isn’t the case for most of us. While summer is here for everyone and there are fun distractions for all corners of the country to enjoy, the fact is, the most getaway a lot of us can get away with is a brisk week off. Two if we’ve saved up our vacation days. Some can’t even wring that much out of our schedule. No matter what treat we sneak ourselves while out and about, we’re never out for long, and then it’s just us and those same four walls again.

But who says those walls have to skip out on the summertime vibe?

Today we’re going to look through a few tips to give our hardworking home the sunny flair it deserves! Starting with…


While there are few things that shout ‘summer home’ like reveling in nature and nostalgia, ala that relaxed weathered chic, some think of a seasonal getaway and see nothing but vacation luxury. Both the quiet natural motif of the Lonan 4-Pc Queen Bedroom…


…and the polished indulgence of the ParisChic 7-Pc Dining Set strike opposite ends of the ideal vacation retreat spectrum.


Whether or not these are the looks that speak to your vision of a personal oasis, there’s one trait that can bring the summertime vibe out of any style:


We’ve already discussed the power of paint when matching furniture and walls, but let’s stretch the rules a little further. The color of the furnishings themselves do more than set a mood for a room, they help complete the mental image of a desired location. While classic summer palettes celebrate vibrance in any hue—turning up the visual volume is a great shorthand for a partying mood—the favorite is usually a splash of blue and refreshing white.

It’s a simpler palette, true, but one that evokes thoughts of clear summer days, soothes the eye, and invites you to unwind awhile, as seen with the Lorie 2-Pc Living Room Set:


That said, the right furniture and color palettes help make the foundation of a summer home, but aren’t quite the heart of it. The point of a summer home is the point of any vacation destination; indulging in things outside the boring old trudge of the usual schedule. 


The point of a summer home isn’t just to lay around and do nothing; it’s to loosen up, do fun activities, and make memories. While the bulk of said memories are bound to be made under the fireworks or in the water, creating your own souvenirs of the season will give you that summertime high and leave you with something charming to display at home. Don’t let anyone tell you arts and crafts are just for kids!

Any of the following are bound to put you in a sunny state of mind:

  • Make a mosaic! Seashells, glass, pebbles, porcelain shards, colored sand—whatever material shouts out to you, putting together an image from bits of rearranged nature always makes for a fun break and an eye-catching addition to the room.
  • Invest in some sidewalk chalk and get colorful! There’s something about the act of coloring in the driveway or the sidewalk that brings back the childhood proof of summertime. If outdoor art isn’t enough, spring for a hang-up chalkboard inside and save yourself a moment to doodle each day.
  • Mason jars on display! Whether it’s for a cool drink, a collection of shells, stones, or sand, or whatever else catches your eye, storing your beverages and bric-a-brac in an old-fashioned glass jar conjures up a laidback air.
  • Dust off the camera, take yourself on a photography tour, and invest in some photo frames—driftwood or shell-spotted ones are the classics, but the look is up to you! The point of this one is combining the outdoors with tangible memories. Sure, a row of pictures in your phone is nice, but there’s a sentimental satisfaction that comes with taking shots of nature, events, and friends that are proudly displayed in your summer space.


Yes, you knew this one was coming. Be it spring or summer, everyone recommends bringing some greenery into your life to get in the spirit of the season. But it’s a cliché with credentials! It’s been proven that caring for plants, indoors or outdoors, gives a boost to your state of mind and generally bucks you up when you see it flourishing. In the Texan heat, succulents are the go-to option, but there are plenty of flowering shrubs and ferns that will throw in some color. Short of that, it never hurts to treat yourself to a cut bouquet in a vase to cap your grocery trip.

Last but not least…


Still, at the end of the say, a summer home is meant to highlight the essence of a vacation. For those of us who don’t have the time or energy to revamp our whole home or burn a few hours on crafting—be it from the aftermath of an outing or the grim drag of a workday—sometimes all we need is a simple token to greet us when we come home to crash. A light accent like the Felicity Sky Blue Rug:


A personal drop of sunshine from the Aster Mirror:


Or a seat to catch us in the backyard breeze like the Simona White Patio Swing Chair:

No matter how you choose to shape your personal summer home, the style isn’t the thing that matters. It’s filling your space with the things that bring you joy as the sunshine comes in. Here’s to summer!