Class is (Almost) in Session!: A Quick Checklist for Heading Back to School

By Calypso


Well, here we are for another semester. Summer is turning over into fall, the classrooms are calling, and it’s time to hit the textbooks again. Whether with anticipation or a groan, school is about to be back in session. From the newest elementary lessons to the heights of college academia, we need to be ready! Today, we’re knocking out the back-to-school checklist before class gets back in session.

Study Refresh

Let’s face it, summer acts like a sink drain and all the final lessons students take in at the end of spring go swirling away by the second week of vacation. Now’s the time to give those notebooks another skim—or, if you celebrated the school year’s end in the traditional fashion, via tossing your notes in the trash, by hitting the online study guides. If you receive an early syllabus, bounce off the topics there. Even if you don’t sponge anything up immediately, it helps take the dust off the old educational cogs.


This is arguably the biggest point to check off. If you don’t have certain staples of schoolwork paraphernalia, sometimes including literal staples, you’re going to be left fumbling through the year. While you should always try to stick to whatever list you’re given outright for a class, it still pays to have a handful of classic school supplies on hand. Things like…

  • Planner: Everyone has heard it before, but it needs repeating. You need something to help you keep track of your work! Deadlines get forgotten, details for assignments slip through the cracks, and sometimes we need a reminder. Whether it’s on paper or electronic, always have a place to plot out your days and projects.
  • Technology: This is a pretty wide umbrella by now. Your computer, a USB drive, your phone, your headphones (plus a backup set of earphones!), maybe a specialized calculator for math and science courses, et cetera. Make sure you have all your updates out of the way and your chargers packed.
  • Writing Material: Notebooks, loose paper, pencils, pens, highlighters—oldies, but goodies. And if something goes awry with your computer, the info stays put.
  • Books: Specifically, all the textbooks your classes have as required. Remember, used books are easier on the wallet, and eBooks are easier on that and your back. And don’t forget to research what books might have free PDFs!
  • Binders and Bags: Style is good. Structure is better. Always check out your new binders and backpacks for strong design and good support. You’ll thank yourself later when the zippers aren’t falling apart and the back straps aren’t frayed to strings. (Also, get in on stickers, pins, and patches! Customize!)


Are you a student at home? In a dorm? Are you the teacher? Whoever you are, if you’ve got your head in schoolwork, you’re bound to juggle books and paperwork in heaps. Now’s the time to invest in a little organizational help. Simple additions like…


…the Tanners Creek 27x61" Bookcase for your hefty textbooks and literature, or for your assignments…


…the compact Tanners Creek File Cabinet can take a lot of the stress out of keeping all your materials straight.

Desk Setup

You need a place to get your work done. Sometimes you can get away with burning through assignments in class, at a cafeteria table, tucked in a corner with headphones blasting, or maybe just with all your paraphernalia spread out over a kitchen table. But as time goes on and those projects pile up, you’re going to want a designated space just to hammer through your workload. And it doesn’t need to be an overblown arrangement! Something chic and simple like…


…the Buck Black Swivel Glass Top Desk will offer the space you need without hogging the whole room. But if you’re going to be sitting in front of all that coursework for hours on end, you’ll want a seat that has your back. Specifically, something that offers more comfort and support than a plain chair. Something like…


Grand Slam Ivory Swivel-Tilt Chair will cushion you against the time spent working away at essays and research.

Brain Food Prep > Surviving on Snacks

No matter what your schedule, no matter what the situation in the cafeteria is, do not skimp on good nutrition this semester! Chips, cereal, microwaved noodles, and granola bars washed down with energy drinks do not make a meal! A little snack to pick you up between meals is fine, but not when that’s all you’re running on. Take the time to plan out and pack good lunches if you don’t have good options at school. If a lunch alone doesn’t do enough, then opt for better snacks. Green veggies, hardboiled eggs, fruit and nuts, whole grain crackers and cheese, and even a little dark chocolate are all good brain-boosting foods to nibble throughout the day.

Lend Others a Hand (and a Pencil If You Can)

Not everyone has the resources to get their whole school supply list. To help families in need, Lacks holds an annual school supply drive to accept donations of new goods for young students heading into a fresh semester. This year's drive began on July 26th and will run through August 14th. We have our donation boxes ready to go at multiple stores (from top left to bottom right: Stores 36, 37, 38, 43, 45, 47, and 99). If you drop by to give some unopened supplies of your own, or a money donation, we'll write and pin up your name with pride. At the drive's end, we'll ensure what you give is delivered to our local schools, so every student can enter the school year prepared.


Here’s to a new semester!